Sea Salt Spray


Salt spray can help a person get their hair to have the beach look. Many people wonder how to use salt spray. Once they get used to the spray and the texture that it creates using this spray will not be a problem.
When the hair is dry salt spray can add texture, add waves, and give a person the perfect bed head look. When using salt spray the hair should be styled as usual. Once the style is set the spray can then be applied. The spray should not be used on the roots. It works best when used on the ends of the hair and even at midlength. All it takes is a light spray. Once the hair is sprayed the hair should be scrunched up with the hands. This spray will allow the hair to be held in place so hairspray is not needed.
When the hair is wet salt spray can be used to enhance natural curls and give hair that is straight a bit of texture. The hair should not be soaking wet when used. It is best to lightly dry the hair with a towel first. Do not rub the hair with the towel as this can create frizz. The ends of the hair are sprayed as well as the hair that is mid length. The hair can then be lightly scrunched up. Allow the hair to dry naturally. Once the hair is dry a person may have to scrunch it up again to add a little bit more texture.
These are some simple ways on how to use sea salt spray. This spray can add needed texture to the hair. Texture will make the hair look great. It can also remind a person of the way that they look after having an fun day at the beach.